Folding Cartons, the most basic product of the industry, is the foundation of our business. So, you name it and we’ve got it — in just the grade and finish you need. All with UV coating and totally compatible with any printing technique.

Our cartons are strong, secure, flexible, customizable and cost-effective. Perfect for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, furniture and apparel.

HR Industries has been providing folding cartons to industry for almost four decades. We are a full-service manufacturer offering a wide range of capabilities to meet the demands of your business.

We can produce virtually any type of folding carton you require. From SbS, clay coated, or any type of chipboard materials, we have the perfect paper source to meet the need.  Select from up to 8 color print capability along with a variety of coatings.

For more information, call us at 1-844-941-8008 and speak to one of our packaging consultants.