Product ImagesEye-catching point of purchase displays simply sell more product by adding power to the message on the retail floor.  They provide a unique opportunity to repeat the advertising message when its presence can help consummate the sale. At HR Industries we’ve learned how to harness this powerful form of advertising.

We know that every product needs a display tailored to maximize the selling message. So, we work to discover the perfect configuration. We explore the many options, counter and floor displays, brochure holders, kiosks, end caps, pdq trays, pallet displays, power wing or standees. And we’re able to produce them in up to 8 colors in a variety of coatings.

Our long history of successful display solutions spring from our in-store marketing experience, unique designs, fine engineering, printing, manufacturing and assembly.

Success in point-of-purchase marketing begins by being in the store, primed and ready, when the customer enters the store. No detail in planning is left to chance. Every display solution is tested at inception to anticipate and replicate the action that takes place at retail.   Adaptation and modification to correct and improve the consumer experience takes place before the prototype is finalized and approved. 

For more information, call us at (201) 941-8000  and speak to one of our display consultants.