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Our house is your house. We’ll warehouse your finished inventory until you need it. So, you can save on inventory storage and take advantage of reduced costs on larger orders. 

At HR Industries, warehousing means much more than simply holding inventory until you need it.  Equally important is our ability to maintain the item’s integrity and protect it from damage, contamination and adverse climate conditions. 

We also provide a wide range of assembly and fulfillment services as well as full or partial logistical services to move your  completed products to market quickly and efficiently. Our turnkey approach provides speed and efficiencies as well as confidence – one dependable source – watching over the entire process from inception to delivery.

Our services include order fulfillment, pick and pack, cross docking, drop shipping, repackaging, and point-of-purchase display assembly, transportation and tracking services for your peace of mind.

Our on-demand service keeps your finished inventory at our facilities until you need it. Our just-in-time delivery program ensures efficient distribution of finished products on an as-needed basis. 

HR Industries can also provide distribution services anywhere in this country. Contact us today for your packaging and point-of-sales projects including our warehousing, fulfillment and distribution needs. 

From small projects to large ones, HR Industries is prepared to become your partner. Tell us your requirements and we’ll make it happen. For more information on the benefits of our turn-key services, call us at 201-941-8000 and speak to one of our packaging consultants.