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Design is the first hurdle and perhaps the most crucial step in the process. A new product entering a mature market. A mature product that needs a fresh new face. Or a project with complicated material, construction and printing requirements. Here’s why we excel.

Our design team has over 50 years combined experience in the industry.  That means we’ve seen it all before. All marketing arenas. Vast experience in materials, construction and printing. And a sense of urgency and curiosity that often leads us to new solutions for old problems.

We know the crucial questions that lead to a speedy understanding of the project. These include product characteristics, size, weight and shape, physical strengths and possible vulnerabilities, distribution and climate – all providing vital guidance to our designers. Ultimately, the results become the basis for initial design development, construction of prototypes, and finally, preparation of eye-catching artwork on state-of-the-art digital computers.

Our working process is set up to ensure that the final artwork will satisfy the primary objectives that are established at the outset. Our team will meet with your representatives to explore the needs and expectations of the project. Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is reviewed and agreed to in advance to insure a satisfactory outcome.