At HR Industries we have a driving need to build trust. We demonstrate our commitment at every step, but none more than in the manufacturing process in state-of-the art manufacturing plants located along the east coast. Choose from a wide variety of corrugated products in virtually any size, any combination of colors in a variety of specialty coatings.  

Special Products: We are open and anxious to meet your needs with a wide variety of special products. Tell us your requirements and we’ll make it happen.     

– Custom partitions in chip and corrugated.

– Paper tubes in virtually any size, strength, or look.

– Pads in both chip and corrugated.

– Stock cartons in 100’s of sizes, for immediate delivery. 

– Digital printing…it’s not just for samples anymore.                              

 – Specialty boards compliant for Government, DOT, and FDA. 

Our staff is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, striving always to achieve a high level of performance. We have stood the test of time in a highly competitive industry for almost four decades. We pledge to continue to provide the high level of service our customers have come to expect. For more information, call us at 201-941-8000 and speak to one of our consultants.