Here’s what others have to say

HR Industries has been a valued partner to Kontos Foods for over 30 years. Their design and packaging concepts helped launch many of our most successful products. Few suppliers played such a crucial role in our success.
Steve Kontos, President and Owner, Kontos Foods Inc., Paterson, NJ

We imported grapes from Chile for 30 years. Grapes are very tender and shipping to the United States was a tricky matter. HR Industries sent Howard Rothbein to Chile to personally assess the problem and develop new stronger shipping containers that also accommodated more product in the same space. It reduced shipping costs, minimized transit damage and increased profits.
Steve Pasch, Former President, PRO FRUIT, Paramus, NJ

Packaging in California is still the Wild West. HR Industries peppers us with unique ideas and real-time guidance that helps us prevail in this turbulent market. The fact that they are just a phone call away is very reassuring.
Matthew Wright, Founder & CEO, SPECRIGHT, Irvine, CA

Our success comes from our great product and our respected name.
Howard Rothbein supported our success with a series of creative ideas and solutions that improved and strengthened our packaging and significantly reduced our shipping costs.
Rita Tabatchnick, Tabatchnick Fine Foods, Somerset, NJ